Monday, September 11, 2017

Stonehell: Expedition 8

The Party
Koko Googan - Fighter (Joshua D.)
Theran Helxan - Fighter (Daemian Xantos) - dead
Feldric Rotundo - Fighter (Spooner)
Beal - Torchbearer (Hireling) - dead
Raimond - Halberd Men-at-Arms (Hireling) - dead
Adjan - Archer Men-at-Arms (Hireling) - dead
Elayna - Archer Men-at-Arms (Hireling) - dead
Oath - Archer Men-at-Arms (Hireling) - dead
Ghak - Globlin Clubber (Hireling) - dead

The Crawl
It was a short expedition, and deadly.  The trio of warriors hired every mercenary they could find at the Magician's Mug and set out for Stonehell with nary a plan.  Koko wanted to try his luck at the Wheel of Fortune again, but got lost and ran into some orcs who were kind enough to redirect him to the appropriate room.  Finding a much decayed dwarf corpse, he used the dwarf's arm to spin the wheel and the party watched in horror as the bones of the corpse shriveled to the size of a mouse and crumbled into dust.  Undeterred, he spun again and found his gold pouch mysteriously emptied.  Feeling that misfortune does not actually come in three, despite the common saying, Feldric Rotundo spun the wheel and was rewarded for his dubious faith with a large amethyst.
Unfortunately, their time playing with fortune had attracted a large horde of giant ferrets, who flooded down the corridor wish ferocious intent.  Ghak was chewed to shreds and several took nasty wounds from the critters and it looked like they might overrun the group, but Koko threw a pair of oil flasks into the hallway and Beal threw his lantern, igniting the beasts and sending them into a panic.  Those burning in front chewed through the back ferrets as they fled from the flames, and a volley of arrows and lingering burns quickly putting them to rest.
Further exploration into previously uncharted parts of the dungeon found an alcove with a stone statue in the likeness of a bipedal lizard with four arms outstretched.  In front of the lizard was a large bowl, filled to the brim with hundreds of shining golden coins.  A great many stone fragments lay all about the alcove and the ceiling had ruptures and cracks throughout it.  After briefly considering the scene, Koko and Theran made a grab at the coins.  As soon as their hands entered the bowl, a crack of thunder shuddered the room and split the ceiling further.  A storm of stone shards rained violently on the group, battering Theran, Beal, Elayna, Raimond, Oath, and Adjan to death.  Koko and Feldric barely avoided hailstorm, and scooped up the rest of the gold from the bowl and fled Stonehell.  As they counted their blood-stained treasures, they only hoped it would be enough to hire new mercenaries once word of the terrible fate of all their previous followers spread.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Stonehell: Expedition 7

The Party
Burge - Fighter (john)
Casterfo Hearthwood - Fighter (Lane S.) - dead
Chrissy - Elf Magic-User (Chrissy)
Daemian Xantos - Fighter (Daemian Xantos)
Hammer Boyd - Fighter (Chris Scott)
Just Plain Jim - Halfling Thief (Andrew S.)
Koko Googan - Fighter (Joshua D.)
Odie Smee - Cleric (Chris H.)
Saevel - Magic-User (Laim O.)

The Crawl
A full party ventured into Stonehell.  Under Hammer's leadership, they resolved to return the crypts where previous expeditions had found the most treasure.  Making their way through familiar rooms, they encountered a massive cave lizard, an eight foot long scaled monstrosity that charged the group viciously.  Keeping formation, arrows flew, polarms, swords, and axes struck, and the beast was slain without casualty.
Moving on, they found themselves back in the dusky crypts.  They retraced their steps along the northern hall, seeing that all the crypts along this section had been plundered now and remained empty.  Eventually the returned to the evil priest's chamber and found a band of black robed acolytes, worshipers of that veiled goddess, who attacked with a mindless frenzy and were quickly slain.  Beyond this chamber, they encountered a room with a strange black obelisk.  Odie warned that he felt cut off from his god in this evil place, and they chose a side passage to move into.  Here they found a small room where hideous ghouls were tearing the flesh from the bones of some poor victims.  The party killed the ghouls and found a warhammer, which the magic-users were able to detect a magic aura on, though they could not say if the magic was good or evil.
Further into the crypts, they encountered a massive horde of undead in varying state of composition.  Twice Odie rebuked groups of the undead with holy wrath, splitting them up and allowing the group to take them on in smaller waves, but he was unable to rebuke them a third time, and Casterfo fell to a skeletal warrior's rusty sword.
Sad to lose one of their veteran members, the party decided to return to the roadhouse, but felt confident that the many undead they'd slain would surely clearly the way for deeper expeditions to come.