Saturday, July 22, 2017

Stonehell: Expedition 1

The Party
Samo - Dwarf Fighter (spicer) - dead
Raker - Thief (Spooner)
Eneagon - Cleric (Nicholas)
Porealis - Ranger (imafrog) - dead
Kerroph - Magic-User (Michael) - dead
Father Mug - Cleric (NPC/spicer) - dead

The Crawl
Explored a few rooms of the first level of Stonehell, known to adventurers as Hell's Antechamber.  The first casualty came from a magic wheel of fortune.  After Porealis spun it and claimed a large sapphire, Samo attempted to push the dial to a specific result.  The wheel spun free of its own will and landed on a sigil of death - he was instantly struck down.  After Kerroph was temporarily paralized by his turn at the wheel, the party moved on.
In another room, the party found a dry fountain with fish statues.  Porealis poured water into it which instantly vaporized into a poisonous gas, which he narrowly avoided inhaling.  Father Mug poured holy water into the fountain and removed its curse, after which it flowed with a clean, pure water.
The party was ambushed by 9 giant rats, but Kerroph cast a sleep spell on them and they were all bashed to death in their sleep.
Further investigation of the room discovered a giant spider nest.  Three great arachnids attacked, but were slain quickly before they could harm anyone.  The nest was put the the torch, incinerating dozens of eggs.
Further into Hell's Antechamber, the party found a rough cavernous area with a stone well that whistled with gusts of wind.  As they moved to inspect it. 5 poisonous cobras struck from the darkness of the well, isntantly dropping Porealis, Kerroph, and Father Mug.  Raker and Enagon quickly scooped up Porealis's magically bestowed gem and Father Mug's holy mace and fled from dungeon, retracing their steps by Raker's chalk marks.  Without incident, they returned to the stairwell and exited Stonehell - for now.

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