Friday, April 20, 2018

MCC: The Arrival

 Goodman Games launched their kickstarter for Mutant Crawl Classics on June 24, 2016.  Fulfillment was originally estimated for fall 2017 but after backer feedback on the pdf drafts, they decided to delay printing to correct some mistakes and their new estimate was May 2017.  They posted a few days ago that shipping had begun, but they made another mistake - not everyone got their backerkit tracking numbers correctly.  So it when my apartment mailroom notified me that I had a delivery waiting, I got a nice surprise.  Photos ahead.

Even their shipping label has great art.
The box was very well packed and included a few extras.
Double fulfillment!
An interior box that will serve well to take supplies to the FLGS.
The rulebook in all its pink glory.

Interior shot of some of the Archaic Alignments.
Interior shot of some of the bestiary.
Map and art.
The Judge's Screen
The Character & Creature Codex includes sheets for every type of PC as well as an NPC sheet.
The pad has 25 sheets, allowing for 100 0-level seekers to go out into the wastes.
The Hive of the Overmind
A Fallen Star For All
Incursion of the Ultradimension
Warlords of Atoz
Blessings of the Vile Brotherhood
The Apocalypse Ark
Reliquary of the Ancient Ones
The Data Orb of Metakind
Mutant Crawl Classics in all its colorful glory!
I've had a good time running MCC with just the pdf but don't feel like I've really dug into it enough yet.  This is a beautiful collection and I'll be pouring over it for a while.  Hopefully I can start up a group at a FLGS here in Atlanta soon.  Road Crew 2018 goals.

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