Sunday, June 19, 2022

Helvéczia: Journal de Campagne, 3

We resumed play this past week, joining the company still within the farmstead where those that remain of the seven knaves are restrained or incapacitated.  The noise of a coach signaled the arrival of an expected guest.

Meeting Herr Goodfriend

Escorted by his ember-eating coachman, Goodfriend arrived and was satisfied with the state of affairs within the cottage.  Raoul had failed to meet the full requirements of his contract and the company had already restrained the miscreant; they had no objection to Goodriend and his minion taking the blaggard to his fate.

Seeing a useful and potentially manipulatable group of eager swords at his disposal, Goodfriend offered a contract of service.  He explained that they would soon encounter an emissary on the road who was to be waylaid by bandits, and that he had interests in seeing the emissary's possessions recovered and delivered to Ammertal.

With some goading from Filip, Monsieur Gerard agreed to the terms Goodfriend offered, although Father Jasso wanted nothing to do with what he deemed to be infernal machinations.

A Silent Rest

The next day on the road, Francesco found sanctuary in the Monastery of Saint Trintignant the Mute.  In quite meditation with the monks during the night, he learned the silent prayers that the cloister had to teach, and was left much refreshed in both body and spirit.  Gerard and Filip accepted quarters and provided their donations - Filip's given over through the intercession of Francesco using earning won from a wager over the matter of aiding Green Bernard against the knaves.

A Guarded Rest

On their next day of travel, they encountered and fled from a malevolent fey creature with blades for fingers who had slaughtered many animals in the region and proceeded to attempt further eviscerations on Filip.  Gerard lost his hunting bow in the flight, but the company lost the strange creature without injury.

Arriving at the Inn to the Silent Friar, Gerard met the Austrian emissary he was sent to protect.  He somewhat guilessly divulged his position to the man, who feigned camaraderie, but set off with his coach and companion before the cockscrow the following morning, leaving the company behind.

For their part, the company was lax in observing matters because Francesco had enjoyed too much success in the evening playing games of chance with some fellow Italians, who turned out to be a vengeful group with standing rivalry against Francesco's family.  While Francesco also overindulged on the wine and was left witless, Gerard and Filip had to take turns at watch to protect Francesco from retaliation in the night.

On the Road to Ammertal

We will pick up the adventure on the road next week, as the company hopes to overtake the emissary's coach before too much damage is done.

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