Thursday, August 10, 2017

Stonehell: Expedition 3

The Party
Isarn Esrevaine - Cleric (Spooner) - dead
Black-Eyed Sonya - Elf Thief (Wright J.)
Carissa - Elf Magic-User (Joshua D.)
Hammer Boyd - Fighter (Caleb C.)
Jacobus the Consecrated - Cleric (John M.)
Rurik Devilspawn - Cleric (Tatiana E.)
Seer Elofinde - Magic-User (Frey)

The Crawl
A little leadership and experience goes a long way.  Returning adventurers Isarn, Hammer, and Elofinde recruited a new batch of neophytes to return to Stonehell. With three clerics in the party, they decided to make for the crypts where they’d had some luck before with grave robbing. Using Elofinde’s maps, they were able to retrace their steps safely and efficiently. Things seemed unchanged in the halls of the dead, and they picked back up at the crypt that Elofinde had previously spiked. With superior numbers, volleys of ranged weaponry, and the righteous furor of at least two of their clerics, they were able to make quick work of the skeletons and zombies that plagued the crypts. Treasure came easy in these ancient tombs.
After clearing the crypts along the north corridor, they came to a large chamber with a rusty iron statue of a veiled woman wielding two flails – one plated in gold. The likeness matched an unholy artifact they’d found among the crypts before, but the shine of gold can brighten up even the most depraved shrines. After taking the flail, some in the party suggested making for the surface with their bounty, while others argued to press on. Rurik located a secret door on the south wall and curiosity overcame prudence. Following the hidden corridor to an old priest’s chamber, the adventurers were quick to ransack the room, but slow to look up. Large centipede dropped from the ceiling and struck Elofinde, Grim Will, and Isarn. Antidotes purchased from Savort the Alchemist saved Elofinde and Will, but there wasn’t enough to go around for Isarn, and the hired cleric became the seventh victim claimed by Stonehell.

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