Sunday, August 27, 2017

Stonehell: Expedition 6

The Party
Hammer Boyd - Fighter (Chris Scott)
Casterfo Hearthwood - Fighter (Lane S.)
Koko Googan - Fighter (Joshua D.)
Magnus the Adequate - Magic-User (Greg)
Yonder Dirkwater - Cleric (Spooner)  - dead
Beal - Torchbearer (Hireling)
Raimond - Halberd Men-at-Arms (Hireling)
Othine - Archer Men-at-Arms (Hireling) - dead
Adjan - Archer Men-at-Arms (Hireling)
Claud - Axe Men-at-Arms (Hireling) - dead

The Crawl
At the Mug, the adventurers made a plan to deal with the orcs in Stonehell and recover the stolen Breyheath treasure.  They chose a frontal assault and recruited heavily among the locals, gathering men-at-arms to bolster their ranks.  They made their way to the southeast of the great stairs, retracing past steps through the room of the Dwarven carvings.  Along the way they were attacked by a pack of giant centipedes, but they were easily dispatched with arrows before the venomous creatures could strike anyone.  The first corridor leading towards the orc lair was filled with refuse and a large pack of giant rats feasting on it, so the party continued south to a new corridor.  Here they found a pair of armored human statues flanking a small room, pointing at each other.  Fearing to pass between those statues, Yonder led the group single file, hugging the outer wall, in order to move around them.
Soon they arrived in the sleeping quarters of the orcs, where six orcs drank and sharpened their blades.  The party struck quickly, but orc arrows fell Yonder and Othine.  The melee dispatched the remaining orcs quickly, but Claud was slain and the noise summoned the great orc captain, who burst out of his room roaring with fury and swinging his great bone-hilted battleaxe.  As he charged forward, Magnus called on arcane forces to put the monster into a sleep, and the warriors quietly decapitated his still head.  In the next room they found another pack of orcs, fortified behind a makeshift wall.  The party moved back around the corner and called out to parlay, while displaying the severed head of their leader.  They were approached by one of the orcs who called himself Snaga and asked for the wise and fair Seer Elofinde.  With the death of Shagrat, Elofinde had promised to make Snaga the new leader.  The party honored Elofinde's word and gave Snaga the wicked battleaxe to signify his leadership.  Snaga promised the adventurers safe passage through his outpost in the future, but warned that the greater part of the orc tribe lie to the south, and Big Chief Mudugoth would not be pleased to see them.

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