Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Stonehell: Expedition 4

The Party
Hammer Boyd - Fighter (Chris Scott)
Cecil Bonebottoms - Magic-User (Spooner) - dead
Jacobus the Consecrated - Cleric (John M.)
Rinorren Alsbach - Fighter (spicer)
Eneagon - Cleric (Nicholas D.)
Casterfo Hearthwood - Fighter (Lane S.)
Carissa - Elf Magic-User (Joshua D.) - dead
Koko Googan - Fighter (Joshua D.)

The Crawl
This is not the stuff that legends are made of.  As snow fell outside the inn, a party formed under the veteran leadership of Hammer Boyd.  With the foul weather and the deaths of too many hirelings recently, they had trouble filling the ranks with any other willing adventurers from the locals.  After buying some heavy fur cloaks from a trader in the inn, they set out again for Stonehell.  Arriving at the canyon, they decided to have a look in the ancient, crumbling gate house.  Through empty corridors littered with dirt and dried leaves, they kicked open doors and found a pack of goblins feasting on a dear carcass.  Before anyone could speak, Hammer and the magic-users led the charge into the room.  The ensuing melee was chaos, and when the last goblin was struck down, Carissa had been slain and almost no on went unscathed.  A few silver pieces and a gold nose ring taken from one of the goblins would be the reward for Carissa's life.
They returned to the party to get a night's rest and recruited Koko Googan to join them.  Returning again to the canyon, they bypassed the gate house and made straight for the entrance to Stonehell.  After Jacobus fell into a pit trap, they learned caution and began prodding their way cautiously through the dungeon.  To the southeast they came to an intersection where a band of orcs met them.  Choosing to parlay instead of charge, the orcs warned them to turn back and stay out of their territory, advice well heeded.
With Eneagon's prompts, they were able to find their way back to the Wheel of Fortune, where they found the corpse of a dwarf, empty cavities where his eyes should be.  Eneagon identified his former companion, Samo, and recommended that his new companions try their luck at the Wheel.  Koko spun first, and felt blessed with quick reflexes and strong fortitude.  Casterfo was emboldened and spun next, and felt the wisdom of the ancients flood his mind.  Cecil spun third, and with a flash of smoke was gone, replaced by a small squirrel.
Feeling their luck had run out, the party made their way back to the Magician's Mug.  They'd lost two of their number to Stonehell, with only a goblin's gold nose ring to show for it.

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